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What is Different about a Welk Timeshare?

Most people operate under the assumption that all timeshare opportunities are basically the same. Available destinations may change, but the concept follows a pattern. People pay an annual fee to visit the same luxury resort year after year at discounted pricing for a specific week or two. While there may be timeshare opportunities that have only one or two destinations to offer, modern ones offer much more.

Several Destinations

Timeshare opportunities from updated companies, such as Welk Timeshare, offer a variety of destination locations for some levels of ownership. Entry levels, which are more cost-effective, may limit the destinations to one or two, but higher levels can select among five current locations. Palm Springs, Branson, and Cabo San Lucus are examples. There are also two more luxury resorts under construction.

Great Activities

Resort accommodations include on-site activities from which owners can choose while enjoying their vacation. New experiences have been added to excite the whole family. Spy camp, drone flight schools, and virtual reality rooms will delight kids and teenagers, along with some parents. Golf, spa treatments, and theatrical presentations are available as well as fitness rooms and excellent restaurants. Discounts for area attractions are another advantage of timeshare ownership.

Spaces Available

A timeshare does not consist of a luxury room, it consists of luxury condominiums, cottages, or villas. Most are offered in one, two, and three bedroom options. Separate living spaces, kitchen areas, and large screen flat televisions are the norm. Washers and dryers, dishes and pots and pans, and all other modern conveniences are included in accommodations.

How to Decide?

People who are curious about exactly how a timeshare works can typically register for a tour of one location and an informative sales presentation. Complete details are outlined for each level, questions are answered, and qualifications for ownership are explained. In some cases, this is done during a two-night stay at attractive pricing. That allows people to get insights into the benefits and activities that accompany timeshare ownership.

There are a few minor terms and conditions that must be met before registration for special offers will be confirmed. These are found on company websites. Be sure to read those carefully before packing for the trip.